Imprisoned Elf in Simon the Sorcerer 2

In terms of noticeably queer characters, one appears when Simon is visiting the Goblin Camp. There, Simon encounters a captured elf (pictured above), coded as gay through flamboyant expressions and a fey manner of speech. [1] The elf gives Simon a quest to find a “feminine” perfume, Chanel l’Stank, after rambling on about his appearance—including not having “a manicure in days!” and lacking his facial “extracted guava cleansing lotion.” At the conclusion of their interaction, Simon, after repeated insults from the elf, bids him goodbye with a final “up yours, nancy boy,” employing a slightly derogative British slang term used to describe gay men. This scene can be viewed in this video  (4:13:46-4:18:15). The dialogue is transcribed below.

Characters: Simon and Elf (M)

Time: (Start of Scene)


  • Simon: All right mate?
  • Elf: Ah! A human! How simply barbaric!
  • Simon: You what?
  • Elf: Still, anything has to be better than those repulsive goblins. Ah! They make one’s stomach turn! And as for the ogres, well!
  • Simon: Uh…
  • Elf: And just look at my nails! I haven’t had a manicure in days! How am I supposed to life in these conditions?
  • Simon: Well!
  • Elf: It simply is quite repulsive.
  • Simon: Look, I-
  • Elf: When was the last time you had a bath?
  • Simon: I’m more into the natural thing
  • Elf: Ooh! How repulsive! Get away from me you filthy beast!
  • Simon: Is that a huge spot I can see on your face?
  • Elf: A spot? Ooh! How repulsive? Whatever should one do without ones (expected *couldn’t hear*) guava cleansing lotion?
  • Simon: (I can’t imagine life without it) (At least now you can have a good squeeze) Sandpaper usually does the trick for me.
  • Oh! How disgusting. I feel quite ill. You humans are all the same. And you can’t even make a decent pair of shoes!
  • Simon: Oh yeah.  I forgot about Elves being shoemakers.
  • Elf: I have a shop nearby where I keep my equipment.
  • Simon: I usually carry mine around with me.
  • Elf: What a typically repulsing comment! Anyway, I was wondering if you could do me a service?
  • Simon: After all the things you’ve said? Get stuffed!
  • Elf: Oh please!
  • Simon: No!
  • Elf: I suppose humans aren’t all that bad.
  • Simon: Yes?
  • Elf: And I’ve always said that they’re very umm… nice.
  • Simon: Okay then. I’d really like to humiliate you a bit more but I’m a bit busy.
  • Elf: Oh good. What I would like you to do is this: Could you find some perfume of mine? It’s made to alleviate the smell somewhat.
  • Simon: What do I get in return?
  • Elf: I have this piece of wood.
  • Simon: Just what I’ve always wanted. Where do I sign?
  • Elf: I want something feminine. Channel Pisarique (name of brand?) would suit one ideally. Here is my old bottle so you get the right one.
  • Simon: Right you are.
  • Elf: Hurry! I don’t think I can stand it much longer. (Had a challenge hearing this line)
    • Simon fills perfume bottle with soda.
    • Elf takes bottle.
  • Elf: Oh thank you!
    • Elf spritzes self
  • Elf: Ehh this isn’t perfume! What’s going on?
  • Simon: Just my little joke.
    • Simon throws pepper in face, Elf sneezes.
    • Simon hands Elf handkerchief
  • Simon: I’ve got a hanky for you.
  • Elf: Oh thank you dear boy. I am most grateful.
    • Simon re-hands him perfume
    • Elf spritzes self
  • Elf: Oh how wonderful. And here’s your reward.
  • Simon: Oh! Thank you so much….
  • Elf: Now beat off you repugnant little creature!
  • Simon: Up yours “Nancy Boy.”

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Imprisoned Elf


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