LGBTQ Mentions in Simon the Sorcerer 2

Simon the Sorcerer 2 includes minor references to gender non-conforming behaviors and representations throughout the game, in line with its overall aesthetic as a parody of the fantasy genre. All of the time stamps below are from this video.

The game includes jokes about gendered hairstyles (27:32-27:48), male strippers (1:18:28-1:19:30), and anal probing (3:40:14-3:41:00). On a few occasions, the player may reply to characters with “you’re not my type” in response to a humorous play on words (1:27:42-1:28:03; 1:59:07-1:59:34). Dialogue from these scenes is copied below.


Characters: Simon and Ironmonger (M)

Time: 27:37 (Start of Scene)


  • Simon: Greetings humble purveyor of metal-wear.
  • Ironmonger: Greetings traveler from another dimension.
  • Simon: How did YOU know that?
  • Ironmonger: Simple, only girls have pony-tails in this dimension.
  • Simon: The hits just keep on coming.

Male Strippers:

Characters: Simon and Inventor (M)

Time: 1:19:05 (Start of Scene)


  • Simon: What’s Tax Form 416D?
  • Inventor: It covers manure salesman, male strip tease artists, and professional inventors. Haha.
  • Simon: You were never a strip tease artist…
  • Inventor: Nien! I am an inventor.

Anal Probing:

Characters: Simon and Alien (has masculine voice)

Time: 3:40:14 (Start of Scene)


  • Simon: Excuse me pal, do you know how to get to Calypso’s Magic Emporium?
  • Alien: (alien language)
  • Simon: Translation: “No, but I’m going to have to search your body cavities.” I can see we understand each other.
  • Alien pulls out rubber glove
  • Simon: Help!
  • Reappears on island with Genie
  • Genie: Woops.
  • Simon: Woops? Some freaky green (sprack? *couldn’t hear well*) was about to stick a rubber glove up my -! And all you can say is “Woops?”
  • Genie: Sorry
  • Simon: What’s the matter with you?
  • Genie: It’s the whiskey.

“Not My Type” scenes:


Characters: Simon and Fat Bloke (M)

Time: 1:28:01 (Start of Scene)


  • Simon: I’d like to buy some green cloth please?
  • Fat Bloke: Green? No problem. But that will be a lot of money.
  • Simon: How much money?
  • Fat Bloke: More than you could afford, however, if you can do me a little favor, then we could come to some sort of agreement.
  • (unchosen response) Simon: Sorry. You’re not really my type.
  • ….
  • Simon: As long as it doesn’t involve leather then I’ll do it.
  • ….
  • Fat Bloke: It’s the rear entrance (referring to a cavern)
  • Simon: That’s what I was afraid of…
  • Fat Bloke: Don’t come back until you fetch me the lamp!


Characters: Simon and Ticket Salesman (M)

Time: 1:59:14 (Start of Scene)


  • Salesman: I just need a few details…
  • Simon: Simon
  • Salesman: Sex?
  • Simon: Sorry, you’re not really my type.
  • Salesman: I’ll just put male, shall I?
  • Simon: If you like.

LGBTQ references in this game:

LGBTQ mentions

Imprisoned Elf


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