Faris Scherwiz in Final Fantasy V


Faris' in game sprite. Image credit http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Faris_Scherwiz?file=Faris-ffv-map.png

The first picture above is what the main model for Fairs’s speaking looks like. The smaller sprite is how Faris appears on the game map (image credit).

Faris is a pirate captain and playable character in Final Fantasy V. Although the character appears fairly androgynous, it is revealed later in the game that she is female but was raised male by the pirates. She reportedly refers to herself as male and female throughout the game. In one scene, two of the other player characters, Bartz and Gaulf, realize Faris is a woman while walking in on her while she is sleeping. Both also immediately seem to fall in love with her, though the video show her kicking them out. Later it is revealed that she is the long-lost sister of Lenna.

LGBTQ  references in this game series:

Final Fantasy V (1992): Faris Scherwiz, Bartz Klauser

Final Fantasy VII (1997): Ambiguous Characters; Cross-Dressing; Mukki

Final Fantasy VIII (1999): Adel

Final Fantasy IX (2000): Quina Quen

Final Fantasy X (2001): Tidus, Brother and Wakka

Final Fantasy XIII (2009): Fang and Vanille

Final Fantasy XIV (2014): Same-sex marriage, Gay NPC couple


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