Mukki in Final Fantasy VII

Content Warning: implied rape

Mukki is a non-playable, gay (vague) bodybuilder in Final Fantasy VII. Cloud meets him at the Honey Bee Inn. If Cloud goes into the “group room,” he joins Mukki and several other men in a tub. Mukki flirts aggressively with an uncomfortable Cloud. At the end of the scene, however, Cloud gets one of the final pieces of his cross-dressing costume. The Video below shows this scene:

If, however, the player encounters Mukki in the “‘&$#% Room,” it appears that Mukki sexually assaults Cloud. Here is how Final Fantasy Wiki describes the scene: “Cloud experiences a bizarre hallucination of himself and faints, to the horror of the girl he entered with. As he wakes up, he feels pain, but his HP and MP are mysteriously restored. When he comes to he is lying on a bed and Mukki is on top of him, hitting him repeatedly on the face and yelling at him to wake up. Cloud sits up and Mukki lies down beside him, telling him how relieved he is that Cloud is alright. Mukki tells him to ‘give this next one his best shot’ and then starts to leave, saying his ‘time’s up.’ The girl apologizes to him, saying that there are ‘a lot of adult things going on,’ and for his trouble, she gives him a piece of Lingerie. This scene implies, and generates much fan discussion, that Mukki may have taken advantage of Cloud while he was unconscious.”


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The video below shows this scene:

LGBTQ  references in this game series:

Final Fantasy V (1992): Faris Scherwiz, Bartz Klauser

Final Fantasy VII (1997): Ambiguous Characters; Cross-Dressing; Mukki

Final Fantasy VIII (1999): Adel

Final Fantasy IX (2000): Quina Quen

Final Fantasy X (2001): Tidus, Brother and Wakka

Final Fantasy XIII (2009): Fang and Vanille

Final Fantasy XIV (2014): Same-sex marriage, Gay NPC couple


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