Bruno in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

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In Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, Bruno is the owner of a flower shop near Gabriel’s bookstore. He isn’t explicitly described as gay in the game, but (in the words of flamedrake of the Let’s Play Archive) he’s depicted as “an artificial construct of every gay stereotype known to man.” One wiki entry describes him as “a bit of a hippy, takes flower power a bit too literally perhaps.” In the novelization of the game, he is explicitly gay: “Bruno was gay, which was fine, but he was also a flaming bitch, which was not.” Later in the game Bruno mentions a man named Cid, who never appears but is implied to be his boyfriend (Cid does not appear to be mentioned in the novel either).

In the game, the player first encounters Bruno when he comes to Gabriel’s bookstore and asks to buy the painting “Three Snakes in a Skull” as show in this video. It is clear in the dialogue that Gabriel and Grace do not particularly like Bruno. The player can either sell the painting to him (and will need to ultimately, see also) or insult him:

LGBTQ  references in this series

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (1993): Bruno

Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within (1995): Homosexuality and Werewolves

Gabriel Knight: The Blood of the Sacred/Blood of the Damned (1999): Lady Howard and Estelle Stiles


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