Bloxer in Deltarune

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Bloxer is a type of monster encountered in the Forest area of Deltarune, a boxer made out of blocks that doesn’t like how its body is arranged. The game gives the following text to describe it at different times in combat:

  1. Loves: Training. Hates: Body being the wrong shape. [Check]
  2. Bloxer is pleased with its new self! [Rearranged correctly]
  3. Bloxer is still unhappy with its self… [Rearranged incorrectly]

The way the player rearranges Bloxer’s body to have it be pleased with its new self can possibly be read as a reference to medical transition and gender dysphoria, the distress a person feels as a result of their assigned at birth sex and gender.

LGBTQ References in this game series:

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Deltarune (2018): Alphys’ Computer; Bloxer; Kris; Noelle


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