Alphys’ Computer in Deltarune

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In the events that take place in Deltarune, Alphys teaches at the school in Hometown. While exploring Alphys’ classroom, the player can examine the computer and receive the following text:

  • The computer’s wallpaper is a rotating slideshow of nature images.)
  • (… and, rarely, an image of two buff superheroes embracing, blushing.)

This can possibly imply a mention to yaoi, Japanese boy-on-boy love, or just be implied as gay from the queer coding of two men being affectionate to each other.

LGBTQ References in this game series:

Undertale (2015): Alphys and UndyneFriskMettatonNapstablookRoyal Guard

Deltarune (2018): Alphys’ Computer; Bloxer; Kris; Noelle


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