The Magypsies in Mother 3

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The Magypsies are a group of characters central to the story of Mother 3. They are described as mystical, androgynous human-like beings who are masters of PSI, the psychic power in the EarthBound/Mother series.

Though masculine bodies and facial hair are common features among them, the Magypsies behave and dress in an incredibly feminine manner. A character in Mother 3, Alec, describes them as being neither men nor women (see here), though in the fan-translated English version, they are referred to with both he and she pronouns rather than gender-neutral pronouns, such as they. They also seem to be based on the Japanese stereotyping of an Okama (a crossdresser). However, in an unused item in the game called the Memo menu, they are described as such:

This is the name for the sorcerers who have shut themselves off from the world and hidden themselves away to live in the forest. In a way, these men are more ladylike than ladies are. There is no need to worry about a cover charge.

For these reasons, they are categorized as Gender non-conforming and Nonbinary or Genderqueer Implicit.

LGBTQ References in this series:

EarthBound/Mother 2 (1994): Tony

Mother 3 (2006): The Magypsies

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