Queer Game Narrative in Void and Meddler

Image Credit: http://voidandmeddler.com/presskit/

In Void and Meddler, players play as the game’s protagonist, Fyn Huxley (she/her). Fyn is noticeably gender non-conforming and genderqueer, and her lines of dialogue throughout the game reference the gender binary, such as when she says at the end of Episode 1:

  • “Maybe one day people will stop looking at the world in such a stupid, binary way. And please, stop telling me that I’m too cliche.”

Throughout the game, players will notice that many characters also seem gender non-conforming, such as a frog woman named Jay at the club, or members of the Gender Hacker Club found at the end of Episode 2. Many of the characters seem to be queer in one way or another, as there are multiple mentions of the usage of hormones, possibly referencing testosterone and estrogen pills.

In fact, a part of the “About this Game” section on Void and Meddler‘s Steam page says the following:

  • Fragments and details, rainy nights and blurry lights are all VOID&MEDDLER focuses on. A single night intrusion into Fyn’s life and hopes. Tired of the last two years she spent wandering without a goal and without memories, among disenchanted strangers, and pitiless scavengers, Fyn decided to put an end to all of this. She’ll have a few hours to make things right, and seek strong, pure and substantial memories. In a city where genders and species melt into each other, maybe she’ll find the long lost touch of humanity missing from her life.

The game advertises itself as taking place in a city “where genders and species melt into each other,” and constantly references queer and trans topics, so naturally, it seems that it would be fair to categorize Void and Meddler as having a Queer Game Narrative throughout.

A list of other content we found in the game so far is as follows:

  • Fyn Huxley: Gender non-conforming, Genderqueer explicit, Transgender Implicit, Lesbian explicit
  • Azaïus: Gender non-conforming, Genderqueer explicit, Transgender Implicit
  • Em: Gender non-conforming, Genderqueer explicit, Transgender Implicit
  • Sophia: Lesbian explicit
  • Lola: Lesbian explicit
  • Tim: Bisexual explicit
  • Jay: Gender non-conforming
  • Bouncer: Gay explicit
  • Jan: Gender non-conforming
  • Mentions (explicit)
    • “Maybe ey’s transgender, maybe not, who cares?”
  • Harry: Gay explicit
  • Elliot: Gay explicit
  • Artifacts
    • Translove Memory Background Art
    • Two Posters at Moore with combined male/female gender signs

If you believe we are missing any content or have categorized things incorrectly, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know.

LGBTQ References in this game:

Queer Game Narrative in Void and Meddler


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