Non-Dateable Characters in Coming Out on Top

The following characters are non-dateable but have queer content:

  • Knutson
    • Knutson is a marine who just came back from boot camp. He is a colleague of Phil, and along with Zelinski, he likes to rile Phil up. During the game, Knutson taunts Phil various times with “‘I bet you’d like to have sex with me’ scenarios”1 that get rather detailed. It is implied that Knutson is a closeted homophobic gay man.
  • Gregor
    • Gregor is Amos’s former boyfriend. Like Amos, he likes wrestling. He is an unpleasant character who does not work well in team.
  • The Firefighters
    • The firefighters come to rescue Mark and Jake when they get stuck in an elevator. Depending on the player’s decision, the firefighters may end up having group sex with Mark and Jake.

LGBTQ References in this game:

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