Coming Out on Top

Year: 2014

Developer: Obscurasoft

Genre: Dating simulation, visual novel

Platform: PC/Mac

Coming Out on Top is the first gay-themed dating simulator/visual novel from Obscurasoft. The game tells the story of Mark Matthews (a name that can be customized by the player), a college student who recently made his coming-out. The game focuses on the last academic year of Mark, his friendship with his two roommates, and his romantic and sexual life. The player controls Mark’s adventures, hooking up and dating as a newly out gay man. The main storyline allows the player to romance six characters (love interests); the player can also hook up with twelve additional characters through the Brofinder app (these are called “bonus dates”). There is beard and body hair customization for all characters and the option to have sex with or without condoms. The player can choose between playing the censored or uncensored version of the game.

LGBTQ References in this game:

Bonus Dates

Brofinder App


Mark Matthews

Non-Dateable Characters

Romance Options

Sex Scenes and Gallery

Theme Song (“Luv Luv Luv” by Pansy Division)


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