Makoto Nanaya in Blazblue

Makoto Nanaya is a playable character in Blazblue: Continuum Shift II and she makes appearances in other Blazblue media titles. As a demi-human, Makoto has enhanced reflexes and physical strength, making her a formidable opponent in the Blazblue universe. Fans have read Makoto as being queer or bisexual due her (seemingly one-sided) advances with other female characters – namely Mai Natsume, Tsubaki Yomi, and Noel Vermillion – as well as her flirtations with some male characters in the Blazblue franchise. This speculation increased after Makoto kissed Mai in a chapter of the spin-off manga Blazblue Heart Remix, and is supported by series creator Toshimischi Mori discussing Makoto as filling a “plot gap” for a woman-loving-woman (yuri) character.


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