Forrest in Fire Emblem Fates

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Forrest is one of the 2nd-generation child units the player can recruit to their army once his father, Leo, has an S-rank with another female unit in your army. According to in-game support dialogue (pasted below), Forrest identifies as a heterosexual cisgender man, while not conforming to traditional gender roles/norms. Fans however have queerly read him to be trans or queer in other ways.

  • Corrin: I’ve never met anyone like you, and I’m curious: Do you prefer boys or girls?
  • Forrest: *giggle* Romantically speaking you mean? Girls, exclusively. I can’t imagine why you would have been confused on that point.
  • Forrest: Corrin … do you think I’m strange? Because of my interests and clothing that is. It’s not that I consider myself to be a girl. Far from it. But I see darling things such as this bracelet, and my heart simply melts. I wear what I feel most comfortable in, but I know your upbringing was … sheltered.

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