Nina in Fire Emblem Fates

Nina is one of the 2nd-generation child units the player can recruit to their army once her father, Niles, has an S-rank with another female unit in your army. As a character, she is known for her obsession with men being more than friends (as shown below with support dialogue text). Because of this, many fans have associated her with loving yaoi (Japanese boy-on-boy love).

  • Corrin: No, of course not. But now I’m curious… What have you been up to, Nina?
  • Nina: Oh, nothing interesting at all. Nothing even worth talking about. I suppose if I had to say SOMETHING, I would say I was…people watching.
  • Corrin: People watching?
  • Nina: Yeah! Like, see that guy over there? The one dripping with sweat from practice?
  • Corrin: Yeah, looks like he had quite a workout.
  • Nina: And then over there, there’s a guy tending to some horses. What if those two guys met up…like, for a cup of tea? Wouldn’t that be splendid? What would they talk about? Would they become fast friends? Or something more…
  • Corrin: Something more? I’m not sure I understand.
  • Nina: Oh, well, never mind that, then! Just imagine a good, old-fashioned friendship. But then one day they find themselves in the middle of an intense staring contest… Hee hee!
  • Nina: All right, then. Let’s say—hypothetically, of course—that I love spying on men. And not just any men. Men in close relationships. Men who are best friends. Weirded out yet?

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