Yaha in Drakengard 2

Yaha is a major antagonist in the action RPG Drakengard 2, as well as former best friend to one of the playable characters Urick. Yaha was raised with Urick in an orphanage and the player learns (through dialogue and cutscene) that Yaha has had romantic feelings for Urick since their childhood days. Due to Yaha’s magical abilities, he is exceptionally beautiful and has the power to seduce person that he wishes (aside from Urick). In reference to Urick, Yaha says lines like “When I became a pact-partner, I was so happy. With this power, I knew I could finally have you. How tragic that you rejected me then… You were the only one who wouldn’t be mine.” and “You must have known that I saw you as more than just a friend. Right, Urick?” during their battle. Yaha is also unable to feel sexual pleasure as part of the price he paid for his magic, and this has interesting implications for his personal relationship to intimacy and desire, as some people (see also) have pointed out.


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