Lionel and Mark Finley in Deus Ex: Invisible War

Deus Ex: Invisible War is a first-person cyberpunk RPG in which the player navigates a post-apocalyptic world being fought over by various political factions. The protagonist Alex Denton may be either male or female, with three different skin tone options depending on the player’s choice. During the Club Vox arc (if the male gender option is chosen), Alex is flirted with by Mark Finley who is the current Seattle Minster for Culture.

Alex is asked to invite Lionel, a young gay artist, to Finley’s penthouse to “discuss his sculptures over a glass of sherry”. After successfully convincing Lionel to attend join Finley, Alex is hired as Finley’s “chamber boy” or “chamber girl,” which consists of him/her acting as general eye candy while serving Finley and his guest. Lionel is later revealed to have been trying to seduce Finley and gain access to his penthouse in order to steal his art collection as revenge for the Culture Minister ripping off one of Lionel’s designs for a sculpture project.


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