Dragon Age series

Year: 2009 (started)

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Bioware

Creator: David Gaider

Country: Canada

Genre: Role-playing

Platform: Various


Box art for Dragon Age: Origins Image credit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Age:_Origins

The Dragon Age fantasy role-playing game series is set in the fictional kingdom of Ferelden. The player can play as a range of “classes” and “races” in the battle to restore order to the game world following political and social conflict. The series is most well known, in terms of LGBTQ content, for the number of optional same-sex romances and some inclusion of transgender characters (one major, one minor).

The series includes three main installments, one expansion, and one “freemium game” (there are also several DLC’s extensions for each game).

LGBTQ  references in this game series

Romance/Relationship/Sex Options in Dragon Age series

Dragon Age: Origins (2009): Herren and WadeHespith and Branka;

Dragon Age II (2011): Serendipity

Heroes of Dragon Age (2013): Maevaris Tilani

Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014): Cremisius Aclassi (Krem)Empress Celene and Briala

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