Erica Anderson in Catherine


Erica Anderson is one of the main characters in Catherine, a puzzle platformer adventure game with multiple endings created by Atlus. Erica is a “post-op” transgender woman, who works as a waitress in the Stray Sheep Inn. Erica is presented as flirtatious and surprisingly tolerant of the casual transphobia that other characters display throughout the game. This characterization has been criticized by some fans due to the way in which it deploys stereotypes of trans women as being self-deprecating and sexually deceitful. Fans have also noted (see here as well) that the game developers themselves don’t seem very sensitive to transgender people, as one of the major plot points of the game involves “unfaithful” men having nightmares, with Erica being the only non-male character to also have the same kind of nightmares which seems to indicate that she is thought of as a man in the game’s universe. The game credits also list Erica as “Eric (Erica) Anderson”. A video of the “True Ending” sequence in Catherine can be found here which contains a scene where Erica and Toby reference her trans identity and him expressing some remorse at losing his virginity to her.


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