Rosario de la Cruz in Moonrise

In-Game screenshot submitted by Developer, Natalie Cannon

Rosario is the player character’s best friend in Moonrise. They are a romanceable nonbinary pansexual person, and the game implies they are Mexican-American. Flamboyant and cheerful, Rosario has known the player character since undergrad, and the pair share a deep bond of friendship. Rosario is a writer, heartbreaker, and partier, happy to experience everything life has to offer. It is implied they have a rich dating history of men, women, and those who are neither.

It is common in media for nonbinary characters to not be human, but instead aliens, robots, monsters etc. In an intentional reversal of this trope, Rosario remains human throughout the game.

LGBTQ References in this game:

Alice Emilia Devonfort

Chika Itou


Player Character

Queer Game Narrative

Rosario de la Cruz


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