LGBTQ References in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

During one conversation in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, Luis suggests that his friend  Armando Torres had a sexual relationship with his cellmate in prison. In turn his friends, Henrique Bardas and Armando, suggest that Luis is gay because he works in gay clubs for a gay man. The follow exchange comes from this copy of the game script:

Luis    Yeah, I ain't lecturing. I'm just looking out for my boys.
Mando   Ain't that what you do at them clubs of yours?
Rique   He looks out for boys in tight denim shorts.
Luis    Oh, wow, we back there again?
Mando   Luis bro, you want us to come downtown to lecture you on interior
Rique   Or Boulevard musicals?
Mando   Or sucking cock?
Rique   I don't think you do.
Luis    Oh yeah, sabes que. Now that you mention it, I could do with some dick
        sucking lessons. I hear you nailed your technique on that last bid
        upstate, A.
Mando   We was just close friends. Whatever anyone told you is fucking
        bullshit, man. Fucking bullshit! He's a good guy, got three kids.
Luis    I think we hit a nerve.
Rique   Someone misses their cellmate! Ohhhh weeee!
Mando   Fuck you, both of you!
Luis    I don't see why you guys are giving me shit. You was the ones who asked
        me to come along on this thing.

Daisie Cash-Cooze is a random character in GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony. She had a brief sexual encounter with Chris Hunt, the supposedly closeted celebrity, who is going to release the tape to demonstrate his heterosexuality. She discovered via Bleeter (the in game version of Twitter) that he is getting fitted for a suit by a man at Perseus, who is likely Marcus. She suggests Hunt is probably gay or bisexual, and her fiance is “pretty much 70 percent heterosexual.” She also suggests Luis might be bisexual. The conversation can be found in this script or seen in the video here.

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